Studies show that the quality of marriages drop by 40-90% in first year after having a baby.
In the first 12 months the number of conflicts skyrocket.


Being parents is supposed to be the most joyful and challenging adventures we take upon us. My observation is that the conflicts are often not caused by the lack of love but the lack of organization, communication and preparation.

My mission is to help you prepare and manage the transition into parenthood so you have all the energy and resources to be the parents your want to be. I want you to find your flow into loving, responsive and gentle parenthood and partnership.


Yours, Annika 



Becoming a family is like a project with a great deal of transformation taking place. Only well prepared projects are successful. As parents we prepare baby's room, choose the hospital and prepare for birth. But often the preparation for the big pieces changing in our lives is insufficient.


Based on my experience and science proving what makes change projects successful, I have developed a method for the projects "Becoming Parents, Being Parents". The method is a mixture of organizational and interpersonal elements. I support to-be parents in starting their adventure of "Becoming Parents" as well prepared as possible and I help existing families to solve blockades in their adventure of "Being Parents".


The goal is to provide an affordable alternative to psychological/marriage counseling with hands-on tools. I will of course advise to counseling if needed. Together we will identify and work on the topics that need to be addressed so that you're able to find
your New Family Flow as fast as possible. 


Find your flow